Aonghas Caimbeul - Aig Faire

Aonghas Caimbeul - Aig Faire

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6 Tracks: Aig Faire * Mo Chiad Ghradh * An Tir Leam As Boidhche * Rathad Caolas Eirisgeidh * Fhalbh 's Eigh e far nam Beanntanan * Saorsa.

A selection of six original Gaelic songs composed by Aonghas Caimbeul, a retired carpenter from South Uist.

Aonghas Caimbeul has been composing songs since 1971, he approached singer Alasdair Whyte and asked if he would record the songs.

Alasdair and piano player Ross Wilson (Tide Lines), recognised the quality of the songs and agreed resulting in this enjoyable 6 track CD.

This project ensures that songs are not lost to future generations

Performed by Alasdair Whyte, Ross Wilson, Allan Nairn, Seonaidh MacIntyre and Ewen Henderson

Recorded in Glasgow 2017

"I am very glad that Alasdair and Ross, both first class Muileachs, helped and took time to make this recording for me. I will always cherish that our traditional local songs will be now available and not lost forever." Aonghas Caimbeul.

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