Margaret Bennett  - Jerome - Just One More Song!

Margaret Bennett - Jerome - Just One More Song!

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(January 2013) 26 tracks: Labrador Rose * The Badger Drive * The Anti-Confederation Song * The Batchelors Lament * Paul E Hall Story * Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead * The Road To Dundee * John Park He Had Nar' One * There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall * Teaching McFadden To Waltz * Five Boss Highway * Employment Song * I Am A Roving Peddler * Galway Shawl * Mary Kate White * Paddy Haggerty's Old Leather Breeches * Come All Ye Jolly Hunters * The Cameron Men * On The Wings Of A Dove * On The Wings Of A Dove * The Sealers' Song * Winnie MacNeil * The Thomas Cat * Micky Jim MacNeil * Today * Wee Cooper O' Fife.

This book and CD, from prize-winning author Margaret Bennett, is a lasting tribute to Jerome Downey, a Newfoundland-Irish folk singer.

Not only a song book but is a Local, Social And Political History of Newfoundland’s Codroy Valley.

The CD is a timeless songs collection, recorded in Codroy Valley, Newfoundland, 1980 by folklorists Kenneth S. Goldstein and Margaret Bennett. Jerome, whose voice, singing style and unfailing ability to capture an audience are a testimony to what it means to have 'star quality'.

Jerome Downey was born in Western Newfoundland in 1923 and lived all his life in the Codroy Valley. Of Irish descent, his family had lived among Scotch, French, English and Mi'Kmaq for longer than any of them cared to tell, sharing all aspects of life in a vibrant community set in 'the Garden of Newfoundland'. While hard work and self-sufficiency were taken for granted among these close-knit farmers, fishermen, woodsmen and hunters, their daily lives were punctuated by songs, poems, recitations and stories.

Wherever there was a 'kitchen time' or ceilidh, Jerome was a real favourite – 'when it came to songs, there was nobody could touch him'. Had he been born into the new generation of talented, well-trained, widely travelled Celtic music stars, however, he would still shine in their world.

Margaret Bennett is justifiably Scotland's leading folklorist, singer and broadcaster.

"The greatest thing in the world, you know, is music – if the Lord made anything any better, He kept it to Himself!" Jerome Downey (woodsman, farmer and singer).

"He's an outstanding singer, a singer's singer, effortless and melodic. When you listen to this man you get an insight into something that's older and very valid today." Cathal McConnell (musician, singer and founder member of the Boys of the Lough).

"He represents one of the great strengths of traditional folk singing." Prof. Christopher Underwood.

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