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(September 2006) 1 hour 55 mins - dances include: Dinky One Step * New Killarney Waltz * Sally Ann Cha Cha * Honeymoon Parade * Waltz Catherine * Rumba Rosalie * Gypsy Tap * Victory Waltz * Strip The Willow (Square) * Flirtation Two Step * Balmoral Blues * Reel of the 51st Division * Lancelot Two Step * Harry Lime Foxtrot * Postie's Jig * Jazz Twinkle * On Leave Foxtrot * The Irish Rover * Mayfair Quickstep * Red Rose Saunter * Black Mountain Reel * Ragtime Swing * Saunter Together * Nottingham Lace * La Rinka * Square Tango * Half Waltz Cotillion * Sweetheart Waltz * Tango Serida * The Quadrilles.

This 2 DVD set includes four different forms of Scottish social dancing - Old Time, Ceilidh, Sequence and Scottish Country Dancing.

56 dances are demonstrated , including Quicksteps, Waltzes, Foxtrots, Saunters, Swings, Latin, Ceilidh, Scottish Country Dances and Quadrilles.

In the past these forms of dancing were separate, but now they are mixed together on social dance programmes.

Scotland's Social Dances is introduced by Jessie Stuart of Dufftown.

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