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Sinsheen - Lift

Sinsheen - Lift

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(September 2009) As I Was Wand'ring * Weary Waiting * Loch Lomond * Harriet Tubman * Mother Glasgow * Dusty Miller Set * Canaan's Land * Tibbie Fowler O' The Glen * Martinmas Time * The Slave's Lament * The Cooper O' Cuddy * Fareweel Tae Tarwathie.

Christine Kydd (previously of Chantan and other Scots vocal groups) and Barbara Dymock (original singer of Ceolbeg) sing potent re-workings of traditional Scottish material, plus contemporary songs from Scotland and beyond.

Two great voices in harmony. Their symbiotic vocal fusion brings light, life and lift to their material.

Produced by Michael Marra (piano).

SINSHEEN (n.) - (Scots) sunshine; (fig) - brightness, cheerfulness

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