Barnes and Mullins Banjo 5 String Troubadour Model

Barnes and Mullins Banjo 5 String Troubadour Model

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The Barnes & Mullins 'Troubadour' is a superb burled maple 5 string banjo named after the monthly music publication 'The Troubadour' issued and created by Mr Bowley Barnes and Albert Mullins beginning in their music-hall heyday of 1895. Along with Barnes & Mullins' banjo-specific title 'The Jo', the Troubadour represented the cutting edge of contemporary music news, comment and transcription. Specification: Style: 5 String 'G' Banjo Neck: Hard Maple Resonator: Figured, Burl Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Rim: Maple Bracket Qty: 24 Flange: Flat Tone Ring: Rolled Brass Hardware: Antique Gold Head: Remo Vellum Machineheads: Geared, Planetary Style

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