Tombo Harmonica 100th Anniversary Urushi Model 'C'

Tombo Harmonica 100th Anniversary Urushi Model 'C'

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100th Anniversary Urushi Tremolo

Based on the (no.1921) Super 21 Tremolo, these stunning 100th Anniversary models are presented in a unique Paulownia wood presentation box. The ‘C’ model is finished with Black Urushi lacquer, whereas the ‘Am’ model is coated with a luxurious Vermillion Urushi. Both are then hand-decorated by highly-skilled Maki-e artisans from Wakamatsu City. The gold-plated reed plates are thicker than normal, lending a truly unique timbre to each instrument.

Japanese Maple Comb • Brass Cover Plates with Urushi Lacquer and Maki-e hand-decoration • Gold-Plated Brass Reed Plates • Paulownia wooden box

What is Urushi with Maki-e?

The sap drawn from the Urushi tree has been used in Japan as lacquer for over 5000years. Maki-e describes the ancient technique of sprinkling or brushing gold or silver designs onto Urushi lacquer, before lacquering once more. Each Tombo 100th model requires many hours of skilled craftwork. Due to the labour-intensive nature of this artform, only a limited number will be made.

‘Am’ Model Also Available Special order, please enquire.

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