(March 2009) 13 tracks: Midlothian Mining Song * Der Markgrafensohn * Beyond the Glen * Solo * Stets in Trauer * Beeswing * Spike Island Set * Saints and Sinners * Die Rheinbraut * Tube Station * Die Ballade von den drei Grafen und der Nonne * Braw Sailing * Lasst uns all nach Hause gehen.

The debut album from a collaboration between two Scottish and German duos - Gudrun Walther and Jürgen Treyz with Claire Mann and Aaron Jones.

Based between Edinburgh and Stuttgart, this musical foursome discovers the common ground and kinship between two great traditions, and blends them into a new sound.

Delicately interwoven guitars and bouzoukis complement energy-laden fiddles, flutes and whistles. The pure and sweet alto of Gudrun Walther contrasts with the expressive and characterful voice of Aaron Jones.

From the lonesome sound of the resonator guitar to the warmth of four part harmonies, on songs both traditional and contemporary.

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