First published circa. 1900, this is a unique blend of bowing manual, fiddle tutor and subjective comment.

Compiled by J. Scott Skinner (The Strathspey King) and edited by Alastair J. Hardie.

Paperback (32 pp)

"...delighfully informal and informative book." Belfast Telegraph.

"...the Hardie Press should be congratulated for publishing a new edition of Skinner's very slim but fascinating volume." The Scotsman.

"At the time this book was written Skinner was in his fifties, with a wealth of concert experience behind him as well as the production of many of his greatest collections. The fruits of that experience are contained within the covers of this book. Such was the "Strathspey King's" reputation both then, and now, that a re-appearance of this book has become an artistic imperative. it is therefore a source of the greatest pleasure to be associated with this new edition of "A Guide To Bowing". Alastair J Hardie, Edinburgh 1984.

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