(March 2007) 16 dances (55mins)

Sixteen Highland dances, and ladies' step dances.

Demonstrated by Derek Haynes, Janet Johnston, John Wilkinson and other members of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).

Music by Iain Gent (accordion) and Logan Tannock (bagpipes).

Dances 1: Scottish Lilt * Highland Fling * The Shepherd's Crook * Seann Truibhas * Blue Bonnets.

Dances 2: The Glasgow Highlanders (with steps walked through) * Wilt Thou Go To the Barracks Johnny? * Deeside Lilt * Hielan' Laddie * Argyll Broadswords.

Dances 3: Flowers of Edinburgh (with steps walked through) * Earl of Erroll * Miss Forbes * Come Ashore, Jolly Tar * Blue Bonnets Over the Border * Strathspey, Reel & Half Tulloch (Foursome Reel) (with steps walked through).

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