(2003) 12 tracks: Harvest Time * Little Did I Know * Tide and Time * The Harbour * Christina * The Old Fisherman * Out On the Islands * Ancestral Chimes * Song of the Wind * Never Grow So Cold * Iona * Wings On the Water.

Ado Matheson was brought up on the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland.

His father was a Gaelic singer and songwriter before him, performing at concerts and ceilidhs throughout Scotland, and his grandfather was crowned the Celtic Bard in recognition of his writing in the 1950s.

Out On The Islands is a CD of Ado's own material, which he recorded mostly with his son Hans on percussion and backing vocals. Their voices blend together in true genetic harmony.

The songs are an original collection of vivid memories, dreams and reflections inspired by the powerful images and emotions of his homeland.

Ado is a passionate performer and his music touches the heart of humankind.

"Deeply personal and universally poetic…"

"Singing Gaelic in English…"

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