(February 2002) 18 tracks (72 mins): Ceilidh Cascade * Hebridean Schottische * Gaelic Waltz * The Panda * Gay Gordons * Postie's Jig * The Swan * Highland Barn Dance * Pipe Jigs * A Flying Trip * St Bernard's Waltz * Britannia Two Step * The Seagull * Captain Stretch's Mandolin * Strip the Willow * Dunoon Barn Dance * The Banshee * Take It Easy.

Scottish Dance music with a twist. Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band formed in the early 1990s, at the height of the ceilidh dance revival in Glasgow, and are now recognised as the one of the most popular dance bands in Scotland. Their energetic and innovative approach to traditional music has become a firm favourite with dancers and listening audiences the length and breadth of Scotland, Europe and beyond.

Their style draws on the Scottish Dance music idiom, but is heavily influenced by the wider folk music scene. This album demonstrates their ability to play traditional dance music alongside more contemporary sets.

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