19 Tracks: The Glasgow Eskimos * Ding Dong Dollar * Sky High Pantomime * Connolly (was there) * The Magic Stane * Super Barrity * Ballad Of John McCorbie * Eskimo Republic * Man In Peterhead * Yahoo Yankees * Sky-High Joe * Misguided Missile And The Misguided Miss * Scottish Breakaway * Boomerang * Vote For Cohen Bendit * Twa Corbies * Hey Jinky Johnston * Irish Women's Liberation * Perfervidum Inganeium Scotorum.

A rebel ceilidh sung by The Pesky Esky Chorale with Scotland's leading musical minstrel Alastair McDonald.

This album celebrates the songs and poetry of Morris Blythman the Magic Marxist of Scottish folk revival.

Inspired by figures like John MacLean and James Connolly, Morris pursued the "perfervid spirit" of the Scots in his songs, poems and agitation.

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