(December 2002) 20 tracks: Stirling Bridge * Scotland Yet * William Wallace (Knight o' Elderslie) * Land of the Eagle * Field of Bannockburn * Hail to the Chief * Harlaw * Perfervidum Ingenium Scotorum * Sherrifmuir * German Lairdie * There'll Never Be Peace * Wha'll Be King But Charlie * Charlie's Own * Twa Bonnie Maids * Both Sides o' the Tweed * Son o' Mars * Sheep and Stag Remain * The Sergeant and The Loon * Man in Peterhead * Patriot's Heart

Alastair McDonald rides his high war-horse through the history of Scotland, with tales of battles and heroes, blood and slaughter, love and despair.

Some traditional songs, some new ones, some old ones augmented - Alastair sings of the perfidy of peace, and the love of every self-confessed Scot for his heartland.

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