(July 2013) 21 tracks: Blue Bonnets * Ye Banks And Braes * Bonnie Joann * Braes O' Balquidder *Dark Lochnagar * Hail To The Chief * Flooers O' Flanders * The Tay Bridge Disaster * Jock O? Hazeldene * Willie Brew'd A Peck O' Maut * My Garden * Rattlin? Roarin' Willie * Harper Of Mull * Address To The New Tay Bridge * Birks O' Aberfeldy * Toys And Brooches * The Tarbolton Lassies * The Road Before Me (The Vagabond) * Westlin Winds * Rob Roy McGregor * Bright Ring Of Words.

Scotland's great poets set to music and song presented and sung by Alastair and guests.

Poetry by Burns, Scott, Tannahill, RL Stevenson and many more.

Guest contributions from Peter Morrison, Samuel Monaghan and featuring Findlay Cameron as William Topaz McGonnagal.

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