(October 2002) 14 tracks (57 mins): Stirling Bridge * Gretna Green * Red Is the Rose * Glasgow Fitba' Club * Holy Iona * Rob Roy McGregor O * Dark Loch na Gar * Blue Bonnets * Floo'ers o' the Forest * Dumbarton's Drums * Burke and Hare * Welcome Royal Charlie * Culloden's Harvest * Homeward Bound.

A jaunty upbeat album of traditional songs re-written by Alastair MacDonald. A tour of the history and geography of the North of Scotland, with spoken introductions to the tracks giving a brief history and background to each song.

Alastair McDonald (guitar, vocals), Findlay Cameron (narration), Clark Sorley and David Murricane (keyboards), Hamish Moore (cauld wind pipes) and Peter Morrison (vocals).

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