11 Tracks : Jerusalem Ridge * Lost Jumper * The First Day Of Winter * Mystery Mind * End Of Rain * Clear Sky * McAlpine Street * Dancing In Boston * Quiet Water * Rough Diamond * Closer to Home.

This debut album was recorded by Alasdair Savage at Dunkeld Record Studios in June 2014.

A native of Ardrossan, Alastair Savage studied at Douglas Academy in Glasgow before going on to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and then heading south to the Royal Academy of Music.

He joined the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra in 1997 and has played throughout the world during his time with them.

Always keen to play chamber music, Alastair is a member of various groups and regularly plays with the Scottish Ensemble.

Alastair is also a passionate folk musician and performs frequently with his band, The Alastair Savage Trio.

He has played at festivals throughout the country and broadcast on Radio 3 and Radio Scotland.

Alastair Savage (fiddle), Euan Drysdale (guitar, piano), Iain Crawford (double bass).

"Hearing the raucous and the wistful tunes of Alastair Savage, I've never felt so proud to be Scottish; his music is so invigorating and soulful, the fact that I've actually no Scottish heritage seems but a technicality... the perfect musical conversational partners...the sounds of home, even for those of us who can't really claim to be a native." - Kate Clarkson, Edinburgh Three Weeks.

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