(March 2012) 11 tracks: Wars O' Germanie * Girl From The North Country * The Forester * Where Are You Tonight I Wonder * Bonnie Ship The Diamond * Earl Richard * Captain Wedderburn's Courtship * Crowdie / Wantoness * Willie's Fatal Visit * The Rose O' Summerlea * The Kirkwall Light.

A unique young talent who has been singing ever since he can remember, telling stories and expressing himself through traditional song.

Alistair was a finalist in the "BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year" in 2011 and 2012. He was also awarded the title "TMSA Young Traditional Singer Of Merit" in 2011.

Born in Strathblane, his family, especially his grandparents, nurtured and encouraged his interest in traditional song. Alistair is keen to present Scots singing to a younger generation and is an outstanding singer with huge potential.

"...wonderfully characterful, minutely nuanced singing..." (Sue Wilson, The Scotsman)

"Alistair Ogilvy was a revelation - what a beautifully melodic voice that laddie has, coupled with a real understanding of what he is singing." (Sheena Wellington)

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