10 Tracks: This War Is Mine * Stupid In The Dark * Apple Tree * Bury It All * Live For It * Livewire * Songbird * Imagine Adventure * Waves * White Witch.

A debut album from the Glasgow rock band Altered Sky.

Altered Sky stand out from the crowd with their upbeat, punkish sensibility which is the backbone to their radio-friendly college rock.

Without Wonderland, was recorded in December 2014 with Romesh Dodangoda at Longwave Studios, Cardiff.

Formed in 2010, this hard-working band have travelled along the traditional route of playing small venues up and down the country.

Those efforts look set to bear fruit as the stages, crowds and fanbase all are becoming bigger, alongside the bands they are playing with.

Career highlights so far include two supports with We Are The In Crowd at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, one of which was opening Slam Dunk Scotland 2014.

Altered Sky are: Rich Passe (guitar), Ross Archibald (bass), Ana Nowosielska (vocals), Amy Blair (drums, backing vocals).

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