(September 2008) 16 tracks (48 mins): The Barmaid / The Carpenter / Maid In A Box * Margaret Anne Robertson * Waiting For The Federals * Bjornvalser Fran Skane (Bear Waltzes From Skane) * Arkansas Traveller * Spey In Spate / Timor The Tartar / Big John Macneil * Margaret's Waltz * Midland Two Step * Da Day Dawn * Lily Dale * All Da Ships Ir Sailin / Sheldor Geo / Mak A Kishie Needle Dye * Jeanna's Tune * Till Far (For Father) * Roll Her In The Rye Grass / Da Scalloway Lasses / Ahint Da Dykes O Voe * Aly's Waltz * The Teetotaller's Reel / The Fairy Dance.

Selections made personally by Aly Bain from recordings over the past thirty years, mainly featuring tracks from television series including Down Home, The Shetland Sessions, The Transatlantic Sessions and Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns.

Traditional Shetland airs and reels, 'old time' American tunes, Swedish waltzes, a traditional Cajun Twostep and lots more - all played with great skill and enthusiasm.

Featuring musicians Violet Tulloch, Willie Johnson, May Gear, Tom Anderson, Hom Bru, Danny Thompson, Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, Donald Shaw, Michael Doucet, Tommy Hayes, Ale Moller, Tommy Jarrell, Buddy MacMaster, Jerry Holland, Carl MacKenzie, Leif Solberg, Henning Sommero, Tellef Kvifte, Mark Savoy, Anne Savoy, The Scottish Ensemble, Junior Daugherty, Mark O'Connor and Phil Cunningham.

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