(1995) 16 tracks: Till Far * Julverset * Vib ad Lib * Salme * Eklundapolska Nr 3 * Da Aald Foula Reel * Winyadepla * The Day Dawn * Doon Da Rooth * Minnie A Shirva's Cradle Song * Papa Stour Sword Dance * Captain Campbell * John Roy Lyall * Beauty of the North * The Hurricane * Herr Roloff's Farewell.

Scandinavian, Scottish and Shetland traditional and classical blend with soloist Aly Bain.

The BT Ensemble are Clio Gould, Edmund Coxon, Jeremy Morris, Stephen Morris, Katie Hull and Roderick Long (violins), Philip Dukes and Mark Theaker (violas) and Diane Clark.(double bass).

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