12 Tracks: The Good Life * Fragile From The Storm * No Harvest * Different Dimensions * Complicated Human * Lights In Houses * All The Love * My Silver Net * The Truth Never Changes * Constant Without Me * To The Shadow * Undercurrents.

A fifth album from Scottish singer/songwriter Amy Duncan who is based in Edinburgh.

With her melodious acoustic sound and emotional songwriting infused with remarkable honesty, Amy has established herself as one of the brightest musical talents in Scotland.

Amy Duncan (vocal, guitars, double bass, piano, keyboard), Fiona Rutherford (harp), Lawrie Macmillan (bass guitar), Liam Bradley ( drums, percussion), Sijie Chen )violin), Jane Atkins (viola), Donald Gillan (cello), Calum Malcolm (keyboard).

"Exceptional and Powerful" Folk Radio UK.

"Melodies that haunt and lyrics that touch the soul" Folk Words.

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