A debut album featuring the stunning vocals and songwriting talents of Angela Paterson.

Angela was born and brought up on the Isle Of Islay and although this album release has influences of country, soul and pop she also stays true to her island roots.

Down to the River was written and recorded in Argyll, Scotland, in 2015 and 2016.

From a chance meeting in Oban, thanks to CalMac Culture and Scottish Rural Parliament, Angela and Wild Biscuit have built a dynamic working partnership that has taken original songs from inception to full production – despite the best efforts of winter storms and high seas to disrupt the recording schedule!

John Saich, former Capercaillie bass player and guitarist, and Wild Biscuit co-producer Mags Russell have created multi-layered arrangements on tracks such as Don’t Say Hi, Yesteryear and the title track Down to the River reminiscent of many of the classic singer-songwriter albums; on others such as Wax Doll and Closing Doors a contemporary acoustic approach puts the emotion up close and in the moment.

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