(July 2007) 12 tracks: Fiddlers Rock / The Haggis / The Cairngorm Brooch / The Great Kilkenzie Strawberry Robbery * Men of Argyll / Willie Morrison of Thrumster * Tears * Sean McGuire's / Saddle the Pony / Mom's Jig / Muckin O' Geordie's Byre * Sevens / The Goretree / Tain in the Rain / The Snow Leopard * Tune for Declan * Maids of Mount Cisco / Pinch of Snuff / Kerry McAllister's * Arthur Gillies / John McLachlan's / The Rookery * The Fiddler / James MacLellan's Favourite / Sandy Cameron * Argyllshire Gathering / King George V / MacNeils of Ugadale * Salute to Frank Ferrell / Compliments to Sean McGuire / Carnies Canter / Phil Cunningham * The Gaelic Waltz Set: Feasgar agus Ceo Ann, Mo Mhathair, Fagail Ghlaschu.

Archie McAllister's masterly control of the fiddle is on show here with a grand display encompassing everything from driving to delicate and a lovely selection of tunes from start to finish.

Archie McAllister (fiddle, piano) with John Saich (guitar, bass), Allan Henderson (piano), Martin O’Neill (bodhran), Ron Pirrie (guitar), Duncan Lyall (double bass), Eamon Doorley (bouzouki), Rod paul (banjo, cittern, mandolin), Iain MacDonald (pipes, flute) and Iain ‘Stretch’ MacFadyen (snare drum, high-hat). Produced by Iain MacDonald.

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