(2000) 17 tracks: Sidhe Beag Agus Sidhe Mor * O'Carolan's Ramble To Cashel * Captain O'Kane * O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady * O'Carolan's Draught * Squire Wood's Lamentation of the Refusal of His Half * O'Carolan's Receipt for Drinking * Planxty Colonel Irwin * O'Carolan's Cup * Lady Athenry * Roe O'Neil's Lamentation * Planxty Browne * Loftus Jones * O'Carolan's Dream * Eleanor Plunkett * Planxty Burke * Farewell to Music

Played by Aryeh Frankfurter, this is a recording in musical tribute to the blind Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan.

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