BBC Highland Sessions DVD

BBC Highland Sessions DVD

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This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(December 2010 release of 2005 recording) 43 tracks (3 hours)

From the Transatlantic Sessions producers, the complete BBC Highland Sessions series on DVD, featuring 32 Scottish and Irish artists.

Traditional music and song at its very best, with a host of top names and superbly filmed.

In its original Gaelic-presented version Comhdhail Cholm Cille (Columba Sessions), The Highland Sessions appeared after the first two series of Transatlantic Sessions, in which the same director Mike Alexander had developed his uniquely intimate and award-winning approach to recording music for television.

The Highland Sessions differed from these predecessors in two important respects - there was no North American element, and the singing languages were almost exclusively Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Six half-hour programmes presented by Mary Ann Kennedy, with music director Steve Cooney and music producer Allan MacDonald.

Featured artists from Ireland: Mary Black, Dermot Byrne, Karan Casey, Steve Cooney, Trevor Hutchinson, Laoise Kelly, Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich, Triona Ni Dhomhnaill, Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Mick O'Brien, Éamon Ó Donnchadha, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Liam Ó Maonlái, Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh and Niall Vallely.

Featured artists from Scotland: Alasdair Codona, James Graham, Allan Henderson, Neil Johnstone, Mary Ann Kennedy, Rona Lightfoot, Allan MacDonald, Iain MacDonald, Iain MacFarlane, Kathleen MacInnes, Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Karen Matheson, Donald Shaw, Mary Smith, Margaret Stewart and Jim Sutherland.

Director Mike Alexander, producer Douglas Eadie. A Pelicula Films Production for BBC Wales, RTE and Seirbheis Meadhanan Gaidhlig.

"The Highland Sessions was an informal celebration of the links between the Scottish and Irish Gaelic traditions. But in the course of two weeks at Strathgarry House near Killiecrankie in the Perthshire Highlands, it became clear to everybody - performers and production team alike - that what we were creating was also something genuinely historic: a re-discovery and sharing of unities, centuries older than the divisions of relatively recent history and politics. There is in this somewhat belatedly-released DVD of the Highland Sessions series as much joy as seriousness, as much in the way of fun as musical brilliance. Gaelic passion doesn't always have a straight face. The Highland Sessions celebrates that tradition at a level of performance, recording and presentation that gives viewers an experience about as close to live music as television can get." (Douglas Eadie, producer)

"Total pleasure - wonderful music, great landscapes and sense of rootedness..." (Janice Hadlow, 1995, BBC4 Controller)

    Programme 1
  • Mary Ann Kennedy, Rona Lightfoot & Mick O'Brien: O'Donnell's Return / O'Neill's Cavalcade / Strathspey / Reel
  • Mary Black: Siil A Rn (I Wish In Vain)
  • James Graham: A Mhairead g (Young Margaret)
  • Dermot Byrne: Bunker Hill
  • Karan Casey: Buile Mo Chro (Beat Of My Heart)
  • Iarla Lionird: t'Aimse Im' Chodhladh (I Am Asleep)
  • Mary Ann Kennedy: Puirt A Beul (Mouth Music) - Mhorag An Dean Thu Tighinn / St Kilda Wedding / Hir An Fheill / Buachaille Dubh Fionnghal
    Programme 2
  • Karen Matheson: Chuir m'Athair Mise Dha'n Taigh Charraideach (My Father Sent Me To The House Of Sorrow)/ Seudan a'Chuain (Jewels Of The Ocean)
  • amon Donnchadha: Eileanr Na Rn (Darling Eleanor)
  • Niall Vallely: Malfunction Junction / Callan Bridge
  • Donnie Murdo Macleod: Oran Mr Mhicleoid (The Macleod's Great Song)
  • Pdraigin Ni Uallachin: alaigh Liom (Elope With Me)
  • Iain Macdonald & Allan Macdonald: An Eas Bheag (The Little Cascade) / Cutty's Wedding / The Flagon
  • Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Sln Le Migh (Farewell To The Maigue)
    Programme 3
  • Margaret Stewart: O's Tu 's Gura Tu th'Air m'Aire (You Are Always On My Mind)
  • Liam Maonli: Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh
  • Mary Ann Kennedy & Laoise Kelly: Kirsten Thomson / The Petrie Jig
  • James Graham: Cumha Alasdair Dhuinn (Lament For Alexander Mackenzie)
  • Mary Black: ro S Do Bheatha Bhaile (Welcome Home)
  • Allan Henderson: Fead Na h-Iolaire (Eagle's Whistle)
  • Karan Casey: A Chomaraigh Aoibhinn O (Sweet Comeraghs)
  • Kathleen MacInnes: Gaol Ise Gaol I (She's My Love)
    Programme 4
  • Karen Matheson: Gleann Bhaile Chaoil (Ballachulish Glen)
  • Iain MacDonald & Iain MacFarlane: The Green Shades Of Gask / Captain White's / Mike Macdougall's
  • Seosaimhin Ni Bheaglaoich: Dnal Og (Young Donald)
  • Rona Lightfoot: Lal, Lal, Ars' a'Chailleach (Lal, Lal, Said The Old Woman) / Canntaireachd (Strathspey & Reel)
  • Margaret Stewart: Thid I's Gun Tid E Leam (My Love Will Go With Me)
  • Iarla Lionird: Caoineadh Na Dtr Muire (Lament Of The Three Marys)
  • Allan MacDonald: Cumha Dhonnchaidh Mhicrath (Duncan Macrae Of Kintail's Lament) / Kings Of Laois
    Programme 5
  • Kathleen MacInnes: Jimmy Mo Mhle Str (Jimmy, My Treasure)
  • Mick O'Brien & Caoimhin Raghallaigh: Teampall An Ghleannin (The Templeglantine Reel) / Plearaca Dhoire Chreasain (The Humours Of Derrykissane)
  • Mary Black: Bruach Na Carraige Bine (White Rock Hill)
  • Allan MacDonald: Cm 'Ur Gealladh (Keep Your Promise)
  • Alasdair Codona: Feasgar Luain (Monday Evening)
  • Seosaimhin Ni Bheaglaoich: Cailn Na Nurla Donn (The Brown-Haired Woman)
  • Steve Cooney: S Beag S Mr (Fairy Mounds)
    Programme 6
  • Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: An Spealadir (The Scytheman)
  • Karen Matheson: Iain Ghlinn Cuaich (John Of Glen Cuaich)
  • Naill Vallely, Dermot Byrne & Donald Shaw: An t-Each Iarainn (The Iron Horse) / The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim / Gladstone's Reel
  • Liam Maonli : An Raibh Tu Ag An gCarraig? (Were You At The Rock?)
  • Mary Smith: A' Bhean Eudach (The Jealous Woman)
  • Dermot Byrne: Filte Gu Baile Ghrinne (Welcome Home Grinne)
  • Mary Black, Iarla O'Lionard, Mary Ann Kennedy, Karen Matheson, Karan Casey & Allan MacDonald: Mo Ghile Mear (My Dashing Darling)

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