The complete Series Three is also available on PAL DVD. A further selection of tracks is also available on vol 2 CD of this series. Read about new Transatlantic Sessions releases coming soon.

(November 2007) 19 tracks: Sophie's Dancing Feet/Andy Brown's Reel (Aly Bain) * St Teresa (Joan Osborne) * Shove The Pigs Foot A Little Further Into The Fire (Bruce Molsky) * The Streets Of Derry (Carra Dillon & Paul Brady) * Sir Aly B (Jerry Douglas) * The Open Door (Darrell Scott) * Biodh An Deoch Seo 'N Laimh Mo Ruin (Julie Fowlis) * The Crossing (Tim O'Brian) * Crucan Na Bpaiste (Brendan Graham & Karen Matheson) * The Drummers Of England (Russ Barenberg) * Brother Wind (Tim O'Brian) * There's A Whole Lot Of Heaven (Iris DeMent) * Lil Ro Ro/Little Martha/A Monkey Let The Hogs Out (Jerry Douglas) * The Blackest Crow (Bruce Molsky) * The Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Paul Brady) * Frank McConnell's Three Step (Phil Cunningham) * Back To Earth (Eddie Reader & Tim O'Brian) * Shattered Cross (Darrell Scott & Paul Brady) * Farewell To Uist/The Lochaber Badger/Rip The Calico (Fred Morrison).

First CD volume of recordings from the recent third BBC / RTE television series, featuring collaborations between artists from North America, Ireland and the UK.

Against a backdrop of the atmospheric location of Strathgarry House near Killicrankie in the Scottish Perthshire Highlands, The Transatlantic Sessions brings together the best of Nashville, Ireland and Scotland to perform what has been called 'the greatest backporch shows ever'.

Music co-directors on the series are Jerry Douglas, who has worked with Nashville’s greatest names, and Shetland's own fiddle virtuoso Aly Bain MBE. They have assembled a special array of musicians and performers to play duets and set pieces.

Produced by Pelicula Films.

"A Who's Who of Roots music..."

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