(November 2004) 11 tracks: Rencontre * Light of the Moon * Eilidh Shaw's Trip in Germany / The Balnain Reel * Khazie / Trip to London / Cleveland Park * Orphan's Wedding * The Baker Woman * Not Only But Oslo / Taking the Tent Down * Mirk Mirk is the Midnight Hour * Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell the Minister / Ted's Rant * Rumble my Bellyful * In my Prime.

Corrina Hewat's electro harp and David Milligan's piano are joined by the drums of Donald Hay and the trumpet of Colin Steele on this album, which illustrates a jazz-based minimalist approach to Scottish folk.

Burns and trad circle the floor with John McCusker (fiddle), Hewat, Milligan and Kris Drever (guitar) in an elegant balance swinging between upper class piano lounge and drouthie dive!

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