(February 2013) 13 tracks: Bor Intro * Travel Through Time * Shoot The Runner / Outrun The Shooter * Snakes And Cowards * Rain Stain * Jigsaw * Whiskey In The Jar * The Next Level * Timeless * Bad Romance * Party At The HQ * The Heat Goes On * Punchin' The Bag.

Debut album from Glasgow's 2012 Scottish New Music Awards' Group Of The Year.

Bags Of Rock drag Scotland's national instrument kicking and screaming into the 21st century, effortlessly fusing cutting-edge heavy rock with The Great Highland Bagpipe.

Delivering performances with an infectious conviction to their art, the band have created a trailblazing musical combination that takes bagpipes to 'The Next Level'.

Since their first gig in April 2011, Bags Of Rock have already played most of Scotland's top venues and festivals to tens of thousands, as well as internationally from Kiev to Kuala Lumpur. With influences ranging from Martyn Bennett to Metallica, Bags Of Rock are not for the faint hearted!!

Gregor "G-Man" James (guitar, vocal, programming), Alan Brown (drums), Marcus Cordock (bass, vocals), Alan "Death Face" Blair (guitar), Stevie Shedden (snare, percussion), Jonathon Graham (pipes), James Henderson (pipes).

Featuring: Craig Muirhead (pipes), Chris Judge (backing vocals).

"Great ambassadors for Scotland - obviously very talented musicians." Simon Cowell.

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