(September 2003) 11 tracks (51 mins): The Wife Of Ushers Well * Lamkin * The Two Brothers * May Colvin * Braes O' Yarrow * Lover's Ghost * The Wee Toon Clerk * Tam Lin * Clerk Saunders * The Daemon Lover * King Orfeo.

Growth and development in a recognised pattern are what distinguish a tree, and so it is for these ancient Scots songs.

For over 400 years these songs have been growing within their own story-line shapes, and they are still loved and appreciated today, with their tales of love, murder, mayhem and ghostly minstrelsy.

Alison McMorland, Geordie MacIntyre and Kirsty Potts sing the old songs, with accompaniment from Bill Taylor on psaltery and bray harp, Rob McKillop on lute, and Steve Sutcliffe on concertina. A must for all folk lovers and historians.

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