(September 2013) 13 tracks: Baker Street * Where I Belong * Family Tree * As Wise As A Serpent * The Light Of Love * Steamboat Row * Look At The Moon * Over My Head * Mary Skeffington * Waters Of Forgetfulness * To Each And Everyone * The Ark * Another World.

A tribute to Gerry Rafferty's music by top recording artist Barbara, delivered in her unique style.

Barbara was a friend of the late Gerry Rafferty and this album is her personal tribute to his music and skill as a singer/songwriter. Gerry Rafferty sadly passed away in 2011, and Barbara took part in a Celtic Connections concert (2012) in celebration of Gerry's work.

The natural progression was to produce a CD and with the help of the producer and multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley, this is the result. A second album from Barbara on the Greentrax label.

Barbara Dickson (vocals, Indian harmonium, acoustic guitar, piano), Neil Drinkwater (piano), Frank Van Essen (strings), Christina Waldock (cello), Brad Lang (bass), Russell Field (drums, percussion), Nick Holland (vocals), Andy Dinan (fiddle).

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