(1997) 15 tracks: Miss Sarah MacManus * Tramps and Hawkers * Snow On The Hills * The Concert Reel * The Arran Convict * My Home Town * Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (The Lament For Red-haired Iain) * The Trimdon Grange Explosion * Simon Thoumire's Jig * Miss Kate Rusby * The Green And The Blue * Donnie MacGregor * Woe Be Gone * Six Days On The Road * In And Out The Harbour.

Recorded during their three concerts in Edinburgh's Queen's Hall during the 1996 Edinburgh International Festival.

With Alison Kinnaird (harp), Kate Rusby (vocals), Seamus Tansey (flute), Eric Rigler (uilleann pipes) and The Radio Sweethearts.

"It all adds up to the most impressive thing the Battlefield Band have done for a long time." (The Scotsman)

"Want an invigorating breath of fresh air? Looking for the land where quality is king? Then put your boots on, pack a rucksack and take to the great outdoors, courtesy of this latest offering from Scotland’s finest." (Surrey Advertiser)

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