(April 2006) 17 tracks (70 mins): The Road Of Tears * Ely Parker * The Emigrant * The Highlanders Farewell To Ireland * The Slaves Lament * The Moleskin Kilt * Out In Australia At Last * The Patagonia Islanders * Haro Strait * To A Mouse * Take Me To The Sea * Plane Wreck At Los Gatos * Sweet Molly * I Cried * Mary's Dream * Five Bridges To Cross * The Green And The Blue.

Battlefield Band are Alan Reid (keyboards, vocals), Mike Katz (pipes, whistles), Alasdair White (fiddle) and Sean O'Donnell (vocals, guitar).

Battlefield Band have touched on the subject of migrants on past albums. On this album, as they were rehearsing and recording, the theme of 'displacement of people' sort of took over. They have not tried to come up with any answers * just music and song, contemporary and traditional that show how the issue of immigration has always been as relevant as it is today.

The title track The Road Of Tears is a very strong song composed by Alan Reid. Certainly the audience response when they recently played on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion shows that it has touched the emotions and sensitivities of many people.

"I heard the song, Road of Tears, on the Prairie Home Companion. It is truly an awesome song, and had me literally in tears."

"I was listening to "Prairie Home Companion" and heard a fantastic song called 'Road of Tears', I was deeply touched."

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