11 Tracks: Rills' * Begin Again * Alasdair Uilleim's * Moladh Eubhal * Osgarra * Now Girl * Uibhisteach * Well Done the Dancers! * The Story * Gaidhlig Waltzes * Finale.

A debut album from Beinn Lee, a six-piece band from Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

The band who formed in 2013 are rooted in the west coast style of traditional music.

The collective inheritance of Gaelic song and west coast pipe music provide a very strong traditional backbone to their music, but their music of contemporary and self-penned tunes and songs is infused with diverse, modern influences.

This album showcases a selection of tunes and songs written and arranged by the band in both Gaelic and English, in addition tunes from some of Scotland's foremost contemporary composers of traditional music... a musical landscape from reflective songs to driving dance beats.

Beinn Lee: Pàdruig Morrison (accordion), Micheal Steele (pipes, whistles, flute,vocals ), Mairi Thérèse Gilfedder (fiddle), James Stewart (vocals, guitar), Anna Black (piano), AJ Macinnes (drums).

Guest vocals: Linda MacLeod, Domhnall Ruaridh Campbell.

"Listening to Osgarra for me was a breath of fresh air. The feel of the Uist music runs beautifully throughout the album and the sensitive vocals and top drawer musicianship add up to one of the most exciting musical prospects I have heard in a long time." Fred Morrison.

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