(July 2008) : Schottische Hornpipe * Heel and Toe Polka * Uncle George’s Hornpipe * Harry Chubb’s Hornpipe * Cross Hands Country Dance * Climbing Up The Golden Stairs * Woodland Flowers * Lyrinka * Ford Farm Reel * Smash The Windows * The Stein Song * Morpeth Rant * Irish Waltzes * Ripple Of The Teign * To-Tore * Uncle Jim’s * Barn Dance * Family Waltzes * Stepdance * The Primrose Polka * Family Jig * Harry Gidley’s Waltz * Dorsetshire Hornpipe * Hot Punch * Uncle George’s Hornpipe * Manchester Hornpipe * Uncle George’s Waltz * Dartmoor Stepdancing.

On the Veteran label.

Bob was a true son of Dartmoor, where he was brought up in a family of music, learning tunes from his uncles.

He became known as one of England's best melodeon players, as shown on this CD.

28 tracks of lively jigs, polkas, hornpipes, waltzes and barndances.

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