12 Tracks: The World Came To Springburn * The Seanachai * Sir Alexander Leslie * Orkney Jar * Bess Milne * Tho We Lang Syne Landit Oan Fair Isle * Cape Breton * Ah Wid Dance Wi Ye, Darlin * Her Father Called Me Frankenstein * The Church Of San Oedro, El Viejo * Me And Kenny * Big Dead Bob.

A third album release from singer/songwriter Bob Leslie.

Features twelve well crafted songs with subjects ranging from the Highland Clearances to a Stromness witch who told Walter Scott a few tales.

Bob is accompanied by some of the brightest talents on the Scottish folk scene.

Sleeve notes include song lyrics.

Bob Leslie (lead and backing vocals, guitar), Avril Cleland (whistles), Bernadette Collier (backing vocals), Kate Kramer (fiddle, viola), Wendy Weatherby (cello).

"Land and Sea never stands in the way of the truth, time and tide only adds perspective to the grace in which the story teller excels; it is one in which Bob Leslie strides out into the deeper waters and plunges his hand into riptide, only to pull out a gemstone of the Folk genre." Ian D. Hall Liverpool Sound and Vision.

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