Bob Liddle - Kale Water

Bob Liddle - Kale Water

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(April 2013) 14 tracks: Jigs: Hounds Of Hownam Law / Gathering At The Grange / Gateshaw Braes * The Sandy Ramage Polka * Waltz: Falls O' Chatto Linn * March and Reels: Hindhope March / The Banks O' The Kale / Grubbit Brig * Air: One Cheviot Morning * Barn Dance: Three Young Callants / Threshing At The Mains * Reels: Pot O' Kale / The Hownam Bus / Meadows Of Philogar / Troots Up The Yett Burn * Song: Bonnie Border Burn * Barn Dance: Heatherhope Burn / Heavyside Hole * Reels: Whaups At Whitton / Larks O' Towford / Beirhope Burn * Air: Kale Water * Jigs: Sharplaw Brig / Herding At Hindhope / Yows At Peelinick * Waltz: A Waltz For Doreen * Song: Kelso, Jewel Upon The Tweed.

An album of original new compositions by Kelso composer and versatile instrumentalist Bob Liddle, a musical journey of the Kale Water area.

Following on from his successful album 'Softly Flows The Tweed' released in 2007, this album is based on an idea by local man Jock Bryce of Linton Hill Morebattle, who contacted Bob and suggested that the 'Kale Water' would provide an interesting theme and inspiration for a possible follow on album.

The result, a CD which is a musical journey of the Kale Water area, which rises in the Cheviots near to the English border and empties, 20 miles later, into the River Teviot at Kalemouth, with all the tunes named after local landmarks or characters.

A mixture of reels, jigs, waltzes and marches, with a haunting slow air "One Cheviot Morning", and includes two songs. The songs are performed by local singer Ronnie Patterson, "Bonnie Border Burn" (the only tune not written by Bob) and "Kelso, Jewel Upon The Tweed". Ronnie, now in his 80's is a well-known local character in and around Kelso, and is still in fine voice.

All instruments on this album are played by Bob Liddle.

The CD comprises an eight page colour booklet with photographs of the area. Jock has assisted Bob in the sleeve notes to the tunes by adding numerous informative and amusing anecdotes giving an insight into country life, past and present, in this rural area.

Bob Liddle (accordion, keyboard, bass, drums, bodhran, guitar), Ronnie Paterson (vocal).

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