(December 2005) 29 tracks (73 mins): Set of Jigs (Marian Anderson) * The Canny Shepherd Laddie o the Hills (Cathie Johnson) * The Brundenlaws (Willie Beattie) * Parnell's March / The Marquis of Lorne (George Brown) * Hmm, Hmm (Jock Anderson) * The Wee Toon Clerk (Douglas Birch) * Boys o Boys (Kathy Hobkirk) * Get Up Old Wife (Wendy Lough) * Medley of Children's Songs (Elsie Birch) * Two Marches (David Anderson) * Jimmy Raeburn (Dougie Scott) * The Border Hunt Ball (Cathie Johnson) * The Brothers (Duncan Williamson) * Waltz (Marian Anderson) * The Lads That Were Reared Among Heather (Jock Anderson) * MacAllister's Dance Before the King (Sandy Scott) * The Threshing Machine (Dougie Scott) * The Dowie Dens of Yarrow (Willie Beattie) * The Christenin' (Kathy Hobkirk) * Set of Reels (David Anderson) * Lassie Wi the Yellow Coatie (Douglas Birch) * The Belfast Hornpipe (George Brown) * Johnny Armstrong (Willie Beattie) * Set of Reels (Marian Anderson) * Pete McGee (Jock Anderson) * Whack-Fa-Doodle (Dougie Scott) * The Packman (Cathie Johnson) * Tunes for the Gay Gordons (David Anderson) * Bruntfauld (Willie Beattie) * The Flowers of the Forest (Fred Baxendale).

Borderers is a collection of recently recorded ballads, songs and tunes from the Scottish/English Borders.

Ancient ballads, such as Johnny Armstrong, The Brothers and The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow rub shoulders with more modern songs, such as The Canny Shepherd, Laddie o' the Hills, Boys o Boys, Jimmy Raeburn, Lassie wi the Yellow Coatie and The Border Hunt Ball.

There are also fiddle, accordeon and whistle tunes, children's songs, and, for good measure, a monologue - MacAllister's Dance Before the King.

"It’s a record, in the true sense of the word, of a community and its songs and music... A strong ongoing oral tradition." (Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions)

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