11 Tracks: Sidvoss * Sillery * North Sea Holes * Bjornen * Is Truagh Nach Robh Mi Comhla Riut * Happy Set * Samueline * Braw Sailin * Claret * Rudl * Lullaby.

Ahoy Hoy showcases a unique musical collaboration between four accomplished performers from Scotland and Norway.

Boreas while distinguished in their own traditional specialisms, have a passion for new and experimental forms of music.

They explore the creative spaces between their respective musical traditions... an entrancing musical union between Scotland and Norway. Making waves across the North Sea and beyond.

Boreas: Britt Pernille Froholm (hardanger fiddle), Lori Watson (fiddle, voice), Irene Tillung (accordion), Rachel Newton (scottish harp, electroharp, voice).

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