(February 2009) Bonnie Ythanside * The Strae Man * Twa Heids Are Better Than Yin * The Postie * The Mains O' Fogieloan * The Forfar Sodger * It's Lonely In The Bothy * The New Lum Hat * Ye Canna Pit It On Tae Sunday * It's Afa Like It's Father * My Big Kilmarnock Bonnet * The Buchan Miller * The Tinkler's Waddin' * The Merchant's Son * The Waddin' O' McGinnis.

Following on the successful formula for this series we have another selection of songs from some of the finest ballad singers.

On this CD quite a few of the tracks are accompanied, and there are four archive tracks.

Jock Duncan, John MacDonald, John Malcolm, The Gaugers, Jimmy McBeath, Tam Reid, Fife Yokels, George Morris, Willie Kemp, George Elrick, Charlie Allan and Tom Morrison.

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