12 Tracks: Spectre Of Love * The Groove Set * Start Wearing Purple * Canty's Travels * Carillon * Toccata * The Gael * Riverdance * Starlight * Gies A Smile * The Musical Beast Set * Willie And Nora's Farewell To The Haakon In Kyleakin.

An eagerly anticipated second album showcasing the highly talented and unique style of Box O' Bananas.

This album is the collaboration of Jock The Box and Stevie Gillies.

Prepare for a musical journey like no other from classical to punk, traditional to funk and much more.

Gies a Smile! Sure to do just that...

Box O' Bananas are: Jock The Box (accordion, keyboards), Stevie Gillies (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki).
Ashley MacMillan (drums, percussion).

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