(April 2009) 15 tracks: Camel * Sol Cardendendo * On High Ground * Girl From The West * For Kate * Reels: Pool Hand Luke / Turbulence * Waltzes: Sail Away / Marie Rose * Viva La Cornemeuse * Scotland From Afar * Hopscotch * Soldier's Return * Major Metal * Hornpipes: McAndrew's 60th / Rocky Road / Headless Kipper * Sorcerer's Apprentice / Piper's Apprentice * Spudnik.

Aberdour composer Billy McNeil has composed and recorded a set of fifteen inventions for the Highland bagpipes.

Brian Lamond is an accomplished Grade 1 Pipe Major, a member of The Victoria Police Pipe Band when they won the World Pipe Band Championships in 1998. At the start of his career Brian was instructed by Captain John MacLellan.

Billy McNeil is a flute, whistle, keyboard player and composer and has written tunes for many years. He plays in the Inverkeithing Forth Bridges Pipe Band.

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