(January 2011) 12 tracks (44 mins): Fathainn * Trì Rionnagain Beaga * Take This Moment * Peigi is Peadar * Caidil Ri Mo Thaobh * Tha Mi Nam Shuidh' * Now You're Gone * Cha Tig Mòr Mo Bhean Dhachaigh * Fonn Fhinn (Fionn's Tune) * Kjeti's Song * Crìonadh an Là (Dimming of the Day) * Is Truagh Nach d' Rugadh Dall Mi.

A mixture of traditional and original songs from Scotland and Ireland, in both Scottish Gaelic and English.

An t-Allt is Scottish Gaelic for 'burn' or 'stream'. As well as Brian Ó hEadhra's own compositions, the album includes a song by his wife Fiona Mackenzie, Richard Thompson's Dimming Of The Day in Gaelic, two Irish traditional songs translated into Scottish Gaelic, and two traditional Scottish Gaelic songs.

Inverness-based singer songwriter Brian has recorded and performed over the years with many Scottish acts including Anam, MacGregor / Brechin / Ó hEadhra, Christine Primrose, Fiona Mackenzie, Anna Murray and Mackenzie.

Also featuring Sandy Brechin (accordion), Chris Agnew (bass), Fiona Mackenzie (vocals) and Pat McGarvey (5-string banjo).

"I'm delighted how the recording has turned out... An t-Allt is a warm-sounding album with good balance of original and traditional material. This is also the first time I have engaged in translating material into Scottish Gaelic, which I think has worked really well..." (Brian Ó hEadhra)

"I have worked with Brian for many years now, and believe that this album is his finest work to date - every song on An t-Allt is a real gem..." (Sandy Brechin)

"Gaelic song is currently looking for a future male star. Brian Ó hEadhra is that future star... His voice is sweet and warm, and he's an accomplished musician. But what makes him stand out is the sensuality in his voice..." (fRoots Magazine)

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