(December 2005) 11 tracks: Lament for the Lonely * Sleep Until I Die * Life * Not As Young * Time For Sleep * People * The Journey * True Love Songs * Live to Love * Nothing Ever Happens * At the End of the Day.

Brian Ó hEadhra has been writing his own material for over twenty years - Life is a collection of these songs, an eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and ballads, with subjects dealing with love, mortality, politics and society.

On initial airing most listeners to the album are taken with the ease of Brian's singing and the soulful rhythms and sounds of songs such as Life, and People. The songs Time For Sleep and Not As Young have a backroom jazzy feel while Sleep Until I Die and Nothing Ever Happens make comment on social inertia.

Originally from Dublin in Ireland, Brian is currently a resident of Inverness. As a child Brian lived in Newfoundland, Canada, where he first experienced traditional Irish music, song and dance. He started writing music in his early teens and later formed the Celtic music band Anam, which toured worldwide and recorded five albums.

Brian has also recorded an album of Irish and Scottish Gaelic song - An Turas - with the acclaimed Scottish Gaelic singer Christine Primrose.

"This album covers a lot of ground * it represents many of the different styles of music I have listened to over the years and tackles subjects one struggles with when developing an adult perspective on life. I am very proud of this work - it has been a long time coming."

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