10 Tracks: The Mouse Suite * Dancing At Whitsun * Cecilia * Children Of Blue * Eulogy For Alison * The Wife * Out In The Wild Wood * Read It Again * Wann Sich Die Reisen Prugein * Idside Out Bolero.

A unique blend of Ian Bruce, Victor Besch, Katharina Bramkamp and Frank Deckert.

Under the band name Bruce, Besch & Bramkamp. Frank Deckert joins the trio on this album.

Self-penned pieces with diverse subject matter as the the guilt of ridding a house of rodents to girls with multiple personalities to a touching eulogy to Ian's Sister-in-Law to others that are simply musical fun. Also included is an old favourite unaccompanied traditional number – Dancing at Whitsun.

This album has depth and light and is very musical.

Sleeve notes include song lyrics.

Katharina Bramkamp (vocals, recorder), Ian Bruce (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, bouzouki. percussion), Victor Besch (vocals, bagpipes, accordion, guitar. recorders, piano), Frank Deckert (drums. percussion).

"A lot of our very souls and selves were put into this project." Ian Bruce.

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