(October 2012)

A 7th book on piping from author Bruce is an indepth study of the great MacPherson piping dynasty from 1745 on the Braes Of Badenoch.

Bruce has spent a lifetime both playing and studying piping and is an acknowledged expert on piping history. His has contributed piping articles to magazines around the world since 1975.

This book chronicles their place in history, piobaireachd style and teaching legacy with many interesting facts from 1745, their move to the Isle Of Skye as well as service to the Clan MacPherson chiefs who ultimately rewarded them with their house at catlodge.

Renowned as outstanding performers and teachers the MacPhersons provide an important link in the history of the Highland pipe.

This book takes a look at the family members, their music and their influence on piping.

Their teachings continue through the instruction of the great master piper, Calum Piobare MacPherson.

Paperback 75 page A5 illustrated book.

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