(1997) 12 tracks (48 mins): Guns and Buns (Reels): Le Batteux / Mick Connelly's / Guns of The Magnificent Seven * The Moos and Hoos (Jigs and Slide): Drops of Spring Water / Moos and Hoos / The Bohola JIg * Dubhlin's (Strathspey and Reel): Island Strathspey / Brig o' Perth * Bridin's (Coridinio and Reel): Coridinio / Lake Arthur Stomp * Les Girlettes (Waltz and Reel): Mattie's Waltz / Dirty Dixie * La Destimborlada (Courante) * Milking Machine (Reels): James F.Dickie / John Keith Laing * Mick O'Brien's (Air and Reels): Chi Mi Na Morbheanna / Duncan Johnstone's * Making A Beeline (Bourre and Reels): Bourre / Cutting A Slide / Efterkalken * Eleanor Plunkett (Air) * Shenanigans (Jigs): Les Patins de Pauline / Troy's Wedding / Swallows in Flight * The Odd Streanean (Reels): Swedish Reel / Trip to Herve's.

Their sparkling debut album.

Mary Shannon (mandolin, bass mandola, fiddle, banjo, noises), Laoise Kelly (harp, fiddle) and Collete O'Leary (accordion).

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