(May 2002) 13 tracks: Humours of Whisky / Thief of Lochaber * The Five Carlins * Indiana * Heights of Cassino / Fozhunters / The Alien Piper * Banks of the Lea * Jimmy Wards / Hardiman the Fiddler * Waes Me For Prince Charlie * The Parting * Major Mallys March and Reel * In Almost Every Circumstance * Thig Am Bata * The Bucks of Oran Mor / The Limerick Lasses * In Friendships Name * Listening in at Montgomery's Tavern / The MacKenzie Rebellion / Return to the Holy Loch / Hog Town.

Calasaig are a five-piece Scottish band, playing traditional music and song from Scotland, Ireland and England as well as their own compositions. They are Keith Easdale, Keith Johnston, Kirsten Easdale, Andy Webster, Celine Donoghue and John Weatherby.

The group bring together songs of near and far * songs of love of the homeland far away, and songs of the good things in life. A mix of Scottish and Irish music and song, with traditional touches and contemporary kinks. Bright, breezy, and very Celtic.

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