12 Tracks: Chi Mi Bhuam * Na Ar Baile * Monsieur Grenier's Waltz * Cutting The Trees / He Sona Ho Sona * Cha Cluinn Mi'n Traigh * Le Destin de Donald * The Tolsta Road * O Mhairi, E Mhairi * Dr John Smith Of Breasclete * A' Choille Gharbh * Macleod's Crossing * Mairi.

A seventh studio album by Calum Martin.

Nine tracks are self-penned by Calum, with two traditional, and on one collaboration with Yves Lambert, who sings the track in French.

Calum Martin (guitars / bass/ keys / accordion / programming), Mattie Foulds (drums tracks 3,4,10,11), Daniel Panitzki (drums / bass track 1, Konstantin Tomov (violin track 2), Lary Saltzman (percussion track 1,3,4,10,11) Ross Ainslie (pipes tracks 3,4,9,11), Lorne Macdougall (pipes tracks 7), Fraser Fifield (sax / whistles Tracks 3,5,8), Hugo Lee (sax track 1), Neil Johnstone (cello/fiddle tracks 4,5,8,10), Alasdair White (fiddle tracks 3,4,10,11), Innes White (acoustic guitar track 12), David Spencer (piano tracks 1,2), Uri Avi (programming tracks 7,9), Yves Lambert (accordion tracks 3, 6), Olivier Rondeau (guitars/bass tracks3, 6), Sean Boyd (Banjo track 6), Scott Neubert (electric guitar/ slide / mandolin track 1, 12.

Singers Calum Martin, Yves Lambert track 6, Bellan Martin Bvs Tracks 4,5, CJ Martin Bvs Track 4, Cathy Ann Macpherr Bvs Track 4

"This is my 7th Studio album, 40yrs on from the first release with my original band Island Express in 1979. As with all my previous albums this one, maybe more than the others, with its theme of emigration, represents the musical influences I have gradually incorporated into my compositions in a more personal way over this long period of time, and is perhaps an accurate musical snapshot of where I am at now, and how this has developed using our Gaelic language as the main source and inspiration to my songs." Calum Martin.

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