(January 2006) Bank Of Ireland / Da Snug * Sleeping Loon / 3K’s At Dubford / The Goose And The Frim * Twa Corbies * Broken Dreams / Sligo Maid / Shuffle The Cards * Musical Priest * Pink Bog / Collins Reel / Moons Of Glenloy * Kathleen Macdonald / Miss Shepherd * Aonach Mhor Gondola / Innes Stuart Hunter / The Horse Thief * Mountain Of Kintail * The Black Bog Jig / Dubford Dubs / Miss Sheila Houston / The Walking Duvet * Travellers * Audry’s Last Trip / Tam’s Grey Mare / Lexy Mcaskill.

The debut album from a five-piece band from Aberdeenshire, with a Shetland fiddler and several multi-instrumentalist and singers, including all the usual instruments and a cello.

The band has developed its own unique style of music.

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