(November 2002) 12 tracks: Whisky Garlic Fried Rice: Moladh An Ruis Air A Phraidheagh Le Cneamh's Uisge Beatha / Tom's Incredible Table / The Otter's Pocket * Felix the Wrestler / Siobhan O Domhnaill's No. 2 / The Choice Wife * Hardanger Fjord / Mrs Mary MacDonald * Highland Pipe Set: The Ass in the Graveyard / Tha Cot' Orm 'S Ardach Muileinn / The Oceanographer * Pirsta / Good Drying / Onga Bucharest * The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell / The Leys of Luncarty Bog An Lochan / Clem / Sheepskin /Beeswax * All the Seasons in a Day / Sets a Dish Cloot * The Joker's Polska / An Dro No. 211 / An Dro No. 625 * Panpoxa * The Cantrip / Ceilleachan Fionn / TiocfaidhTu Abhaile Leam / Theid Mi Dhachaigh Chro Chinn T-Saile / Ian's Jig * Cumha Gun Ainm (urlar).

From the fertile central Scottish folk belt spring Cantrip with their exceptionally polished Celtishry - a fusion of purity, embracing the ancient and traditional styles of Scotland, with some trans-Atlantic, Cape Breton, Canadian and Nordic melodies, some Swedish ones, a Finnish, a Yiddish, a Basque and some Breton tunes.

Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Jon Bews (fiddle), Dan Houghton (pipes), Cammy Robson (guitar) and Iain Willis (percussion).

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